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New York Hall of Science Coach

With the help of science coach Ms. Jasmine Maldonado from the New York Hall of Science the Sacred Heart science program is more engaging than ever before. Ms. Maldonado visits Sacred Heart every Tuesday to work with the teachers on their science curriculum. She meets one-on-one with the teachers to discuss their goals and then demonstrates lessons that will help them meet these goals. The teachers then implement Ms. Maldonado’s strategies while leading their own lessons as Ms. Maldonado observes and provides feedback.

In addition to the exciting science classes that come from the coaching, Ms. Maldonado’s presence brings several other advantages to Sacred Heart. The revamped lessons include elements of the Common Core curriculum such as reading non-fiction texts and writing. Students read informational science articles and write about experiments in their lab notebooks. Ms. Maldonado will also assist students with planning their science fair projects this winter, which will then be presented at the end of January.