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Success Stories

  • Annual Yankees Benefit

    Each year, Sacred Heart and Advisory Board members host a fundraiser in an effort to generate funding for the school. The Yankees Benefit has always been a special time for Board members and their guests to visit the school, meet students and learn more about our mission of providing quality education in the Southwest Bronx.

  • Dancing Classrooms

    Sacred Heart’s fourth graders held their own at the 2015 Dancing Classrooms Rainbow Team Match, taking home the silver medal for their performance. After months of instruction, twelve students were selected to represent Sacred Heart in the contest.

  • Fourth Grade Pen Pal Program

    Fourth graders are learning about business through letters from their new pen pals in a large business firm. Advisory Board member Kathryn Crimmins organized the program with her friends and colleagues after signing up for the Adopt-A-Board Member initiative. 

  • New York Hall of Science Coach

    With the help of science coach Ms. Jasmine Maldonado from the New York Hall of Science, the Sacred Heart science program is more engaging than ever before. Ms. Maldonado visits Sacred Heart every Tuesday to work with the teachers on their science curriculum.

  • Saturday Tutoring

    With the support of the Advisory Board’s Academic Subcommittee, Sacred Heart launched its Saturday School tutoring program for all sixth grade students in the fall of 2012. Funded by the proceeds from the 2012 Yankees Benefit, the program is free for participants.