Student Life


October 24, 2014 

Christine Llano has attended Sacred Heart since she was in 1st grade. Christine is currently in 8th grade and working hard in preparation for high school next year. We are proud to see how far Christine has come and excited to see what she will do after graduation in May. We had a chance to ask Christine a few questions about herself, ranging from after-school activities to her future goals: 

1) How has Sacred Heart helped you to grow and achieve your goals?

Sacred Heart has always and will always be a part of my life. Sacred Heart has helped me grow mentally and academically because all of the teachers that I have had have pushed me beyond my limits. They have always supported me and helped me. The staff and administration of Sacred Heart have always been there for me.

2) What clubs or programs do you take part in now? Are there any activities you want to try in high school?

As eighth graders at Sacred Heart, we go to after-school. Ms. Ruiz, the after-school director, has incorporated a lot of very good clubs for all of us. I really like the fact that we have dance, art, sports, Classroom Inc. (a reading and writing interactive game program), and tutoring. I love everything about after-school because we have time to do a lot of sports and programs with our friends. In high school, I would like to do Glee Club or get training for swimming. 

3) What are you going to miss the most about Sacred Heart after you graduate?

I am going to miss the familiarity-- the kindness and welcoming environment of Sacred Heart. I can honestly say that Ms. Akano and Mrs. Maldonado’s leadership, the fact that they push us to do our best, and that if they see a student struggling they help out, are the reasons that I am where I am academically.

4) What high school do you plan to attend next year and why?

As of right now, my choices aren't permanent because applications aren't due until a couple months from now. I do, however, have an interest in St. Jean Baptiste, Saint Vincent Ferrer, and Loyola because they are academically challenging, and I would really love to have a challenging environment that will put me to the test and would make me want to work extremely hard. 

5) What do you hope to do after high school?

It has always been my dream to attend Ivy League universities, like Harvard, Yale, or Stanford. Another goal is to study abroad in England in Oxford University. I aspire to become a pediatric oncologist and help children that have cancer.