Student Life

At Sacred Heart, students excel tremendously in academics placing them far ahead of neighboring charter and public schools. Students study the Common Core State Standards which provide a consistent and clear standard of learning, including rigorous content and emphasis on knowledge application through skill development. Through strong faculty and leadership, Sacred Heart’s students are excelling across disciplines. 

Our students are unique in that they also benefit from academic programming that enhances this already informed model. These enhancements provide extensive support to students and teachers to assist them in achieving their academic goals.

Please explore the academic enhancements available to Sacred Heart students.

  • Extended Day

    All students in grades 1-8 are on an extended day schedule that allows for additional in-depth lessons in core subjects.  The extra time also accommodates our myriad of enrichment programs from ballroom dancing to recorder lessons.

  • Digital Learning

    Sacred Heart teachers regularly integrate computer work, iPads and SMART Boards into instruction and so ensure that students are comfortable navigating today’s technology-rich environment.

  • Literacy Coaches

    Sacred Heart benefits from faculty development provided by the Cooke Center for Learning and Development and Dr. Paul Beaudin.  Sacred Heart’s experienced coaches assist teachers in developing curriculum goals and in designing appropriate lessons to achieve these ends.  Effective and intriguing lessons promote significant classroom achievement.