Students Meet and Compete at Chess Open

April 11, 2014

The Sacred Heart auditorium was transformed into a chess arena on Friday, April 11th, for the First Annual Partnership Network Chess Open. Students from the six Partnership network schools participated in the event, which was organized by Chess NYC and the Partnership for Inner-City Education. Over 100 kids from grades Pre-K to 8 played in the Open.

The afternoon kicked off with a brief introduction before students were paired off for their first match. After the instructors announced the start of the match, the auditorium fell into complete silence as students focused all their energy on the board in front of them. Following the first match, participants were rearranged for 2nd and 3rd matches according to their results. When the final round came to an end, students had pizza and snacks to refuel after a solid two hours of chess. The top 10 finishers in the elementary and middle school age groups received special recognition, and all students received a trophy to acknowledge their fantastic effort. Sacred Heart showed talent with three students in the top ten of the middle school division.

Chess has been a popular part of After-school programming at Sacred Heart since it began in 2012. Chess NYC provides weekly chess lessons to students of all ages in the general After-school program. Chess instruction is also part of our 8th grade after-school enrichment. Many students had little exposure to chess before their lessons at Sacred Heart, but they have quickly taken to the game.

First grader Luca T. has been building his chess skills all year in After-school. He thinks playing chess is great because, “you get to play a game but it also teaches you how to think and make smart choices.”

Sacred Heart is grateful to all who gave their time to put on the Partnership Open, especially the Partnership for Inner-City Education and Chess NYC.