Bright Futures Ahead for Graduating 8th Graders

June 13, 2014

As this school year drew to a close, the Sacred Heart family said its goodbyes to the Class of 2014. On Friday, June 13th, the departing 8th graders entered Sacred Heart for the last time as students before their graduation ceremony.

Graduation is always bittersweet, but we are confident that our 8th graders have very exciting futures ahead of them. The Class of 2014 has benefitted from Saturday TACHS preparation classes, a mandatory after-school program and the addition of Secondary School Advisor, Ms. Alexis Suib. These programs, along with the academic and character develop that every Sacred Heart student experiences, led to great success in high school admissions. 

54 out of our 57 8th graders applied to Catholic high schools and all 54 were accepted. High schools that our graduates will attend this fall include: 

  • Cardinal Hayes
  • St. Raymond HS for Boys
  • St. Raymond Academy
  • Cardinal Spellman
  • All Hallows

For many Sacred Heart parents, making ends meet to provide tuition for private high schools is a struggle. Even families who are able to pay full tuition at Sacred Heart find that the cost increase for high school creates difficulties. Thankfully, there are many scholarship opportunities from the high schools and outside organizations. With the guidance of Ms. Suib, several of our 8th graders will receive financial support in the fall. Five students were selected for the Student Sponsor Partners (SSP) program, which provides a generous amount of funding for graduating 8th graders.

Ms. Suib was also instrumental in Yennina L.’s  acceptance into the Jeter’s Leaders program. Yennina will be   joining 2013 graduate Sata D. in the prestigious leadership program.

Samuel K. will be attending Fordham Prep in the fall and is prepared for what comes next, saying, “I am nervous but mostly excited because I am ready for the next step.”