World Food Day: Sacred Heart vs. World Hunger

Everyone who donated wore their class color and celebrated our donation total.

October 16, 2014

During the month of October, Sacred Heart students got into the giving spirit and participated in World Food Day for the second year in a row. Although World Food Day is only one day, October 16th, Sacred Heart extended the event into a month-long endeavor. Prayer services focusing on those in need and the will to be generous, specifically the reading from Matthew 25:35, were incorporated into daily classes. The World Food Day school hosts, 5th grade, created posters and hunger facts to hang around the school. In addition to raising awareness about world hunger, many students donated $10 for the fundraiser. Students were encouraged to donate the money that they normally would have spent on a snack after lunch or after school. Every $10 donation was acknowledged with a World Food Day bracelet for the donor. Also, as part of the last day and culminating event, everyone who donated during the month was allowed to dress down on October 30th and wear their designated class color.

Sacred Heart’s 1st place classroom was Class 517, raising a total of $400! Ali Conde, a student in class 517, said, “My favorite part of World Food Day was that we gave food to the poor. They’re people too, and they need to survive.”

Last year, Sacred Heart was the top 2013 fundraiser, altogether raising $2,300—enough to provide 9,200 meals to the hungry around the world. This year, with an increased effort and hard work from all students, teachers, and staff, Sacred Heart was able to raise a grand total of $4,061! Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make this great achievement possible.

Students show off their World Food Day donation bracelets.Students point to our grand total on the donation thermometer.

Students show off their World Food Day donation bracelets.           Students point to our grand total on the donation thermometer.