Student Rising Stars

July 17, 2015

Every month, Sacred Heart teachers pick one student as their class rising star. These students consistently work hard and dedicate their best effort to their school work. Congratulations and keep up the good work, students!


2014 December Rising Stars

 (Left to Right, Back to Front) 
Magdalene A. (5th), Vernice P. (1st), Katherine G. (3rd), Jaelyn M. (3rd), 
Courtney P. (7th), & Lorenzo Rosado (5th, not pictured)



2015 January Rising Stars

(Left to Right, Back to Front)
Sarays C. (6th), Rachel A. (8th), Julayza V. (2nd), Jacqueisy P. (4th), Bobby A. (4th), Kyle A. (1st), Daniel C. (2nd), Jazlynn R. (KG), Taylor D. (KG), Jadin P. (6th, not pictured), & Sylar Raumator (Pre-K, not pictured)



2015 February Rising Stars

Left to Right, Back to Front)
Jillian L. (7th), Emmanuela E. (1st), Jeremiah W. (1st), Ianthy F. (3rd), Brianna M. (5th), Dolce A. (5th), Nydializ S. (3rd), Wimely G. (KG), & Myles J. (KG)



2015 March/April Rising Stars

(Left to Right, Back to Front)
Amanda T. (8th), Josiah C. (4th), Angel P. (4th), Leylani P. (2nd), Nelson R.(2nd), 
& Miranda T. (Pre-K)