Parent Alumni Spotlight: Nina Santiago

Nina Santiago and her family

December 5, 2014

Nina Santiago attended Sacred Heart from 1st to 8th grade, starting in 1983 and graduating in 1991. After graduating, she attended Aquinas High School for girls, and graduated in the Class of 1995. Today, she is the proud mother of two boys: Marcus, a current 3rd grader at Sacred Heart, and Juan, a Sacred Heart alumnus and current senior at All Hallows High School for boys. Ms. Santiago currently works at Sacred Heart and wears many hats throughout the day. From breakfast program coordinator to after-school group leader, she is very involved in the school community.

One of Ms. Santiago’s favorite memories from her time at Sacred Heart was when her 8th grade class switched classrooms for different subjects. This was a new and exciting experience for them. She remembers her teacher explaining that switching classes would help them prepare for a high school schedule. “Another memorable moment was when I went on a school trip in the seventh grade to Ellis Island,” Ms. Santiago recalls. “We learned about how the immigrants were treated as they were coming into America.”

When the time came to choose a school for her oldest son, she says, “There was no doubt in my mind where I wanted him [Juan] to attend: Sacred Heart. I wanted the best educa-tion for my son and I knew that this could only be achieved at Sacred Heart.”

As a former student, and current parent and staff member, Ms. Santiago has seen Sacred Heart through various lenses. “Sacred Heart has taught me and my children many things, not only to love yourself, but to also love those around you. This is something that you see every day at Sacred Heart, from the teachers, students and staff, to always help those in need. The teachers push the students to do their best and never give up.”

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