Students Celebrate the High Bridge

Ms. Murray’s 4th grade class visits the High Bridge.

July 17, 2015

Since Spring 2014, Sacred Heart has had the opportunity to be a part of the Little Friends of High Bridge program run by the Children's Bronx Museum. Through this program, our Pre-K through 3rd grade students have learned all about the High Bridge. Not only is it the oldest pedestrian bridge in New York City that connects the Bronx to Manhattan, but it is the very namesake for the Highbridge community. 

On Monday, June 1st, Ms. Bustos’ 1st grade class was invited to attend a reading by Sonia Manzano, who plays Maria on Sesame Street, of her book entitled "The Lowdown on the High Bridge." They were then invited to the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, June 9th. Along with local officials, news reporters, and other High Bridge students, our 1st graders were some of the first people to walk across the newly renovated pedestrian bridge.

Diem J. (1st) said, "I think the book was terrific. I learned that people did very bad things to the High Bridge. But still, the book was terrific because people thought instead of going up to mountains to get fresh water, they could build a bridge to connect the pipes. The pipes would bring water to the Hudson River. Then people had water to drink! I know more about the bridge now.”

During the last week of classes, grades Pre-K through 5th grade also had the opportunity to visit the High Bridge and walk all the way across to Manhattan. Both teachers and students agreed the bridge is a fun place to visit with breathtaking views. The High Bridge and its adjoining parks are sure to be the newest and busiest hang out spot this summer.

Ms. Bustos’ 1st grade class at the High Bridge book reading. 

Ms. Bustos, Ms. Maldonado, Diem J., and Vernice P. pose with Sonia Manzano and officials from the Department of Design and Construction.