2015 Earth Day Poster Contest

July 17, 2015

On Wednesday, April 22nd, Sacred Heart students celebrated Earth Day by submitting their art work to Senator Serrano’s District 29 Earth Day Poster Contest. Check out our 16 student participants and our six school winners!

(Left to Right, Back to Front) 
Mailyn C. (5th), Magdalene A. (5th), Shania M. (4th), Ashley C. (4th), Yasling V. (4th), Daniel B. (4th), Joshua A. (5th), Amaris V. (5th), Ileen C. (5th), Naija D. (4th), Jacqueisy P. (4th), Marilin R. (5th), Briana R. (4th), Nydializ S. (3rd),  Shelly V. (3rd), & Yasmira C. (5th, not pictured)

Daniel B. (4th)

Jacqueisy P. (4th)

Magdalene A. (5th)

Yasling V. (4th)

Joshua A. (5th)

Shania M. (4th)