Uncommon Experiences in After-School Program

September 23, 2013

While other kids spend the after-school hours hanging out with friends or watching TV, many Sacred Heart students are learning new skills and developing hobbies in their after-school enrichment activities. This year Sacred Heart expanded its existing program, continuing to offer peace-of-mind to working parents while introducing students to activities they may not have been exposed to elsewhere.

Rejecting the unstructured approach of some after-school programs, Sacred Heart began its more robust programming last year by offering a wide range of classes and clubs taught by professionals. Listening to parent and student feedback,  the school made additional programmatic changes to meet their desired needs and interests. 

Sacred Heart students have more options this year, addressing their broad interests and love of learning. Several of the new offerings are instructional classes that would be hard for families to find in the neighborhood including step, kickboxing and theater. Sacred Heart has also partnered with a dance teacher who shows younger students basic dance steps and builds on the already acquired knowledge of older students. In response to parent suggestions, tutors work with students each week to review homework and answer any questions they have.

Sacred Heart is hearing positive reviews of the new programming. Third grader Briah G. loves staying at school longer on weekdays thanks to the abundant activities. “I love dance class because we learn all sorts of steps. The teacher teaches us Latin dance and hip-hop,” Briah explains, demonstrating the moves as she talks.