School Yard Spruce-Up Wows SHS Families

September 9, 2013

Parents and students could not believe their eyes when they returned to Sacred Heart on the first day of school. After a summer of renovation, the main entry yard has been transformed into a beautiful space that welcomes students and impresses visitors.

The previously plain and secluded space never stood out to those in the neighborhood. Now it is difficult to walk past Sacred Heart without stopping to admire the bright orange walls, the purple circles on the gate and the live plants spread throughout the yard. Large portions of the ground were replaced with Astroturf, creating the feel of a small park, and a giant outdoor chalkboard has been installed on the stairway facade.

Second grader Marcus S. could not hold back his excitement about the changes to the school entrance. “The grass is new, the trees are new. Everything has changed! Even the doors! The doors are fantastic!” he exclaimed. Recent graduates who returned to visit Sacred Heart have wistfully said, “We wish we could come back here and be students again! It looks so nice!”

It is not just the current Sacred Heart family that is pleased with the new yard. The school has had several prospective parents drop in to visit because they were drawn in by the inviting space!

The spruce-up projects were made possible by funding from the Partnership for Inner-City Education. These updates are part of a larger plan that will keep the Sacred Heart campus safe and beautiful for years to come.