Parent Spotlight: Nelson Rodriguez

June 1, 2014

Without the support of the community, Sacred Heart would not have made it through its 88th school year. Staff, supporters and, of course, our Sacred Heart families guarantee that the school continues to be a safe and nurturing learning environment. 

We would like to recognize a parent who has given his time to the school over the years, Mr. Nelson Rodriguez.

Mr. Rodriguez has two children at Sacred Heart, 1st grader Nelson, Jr. and 4th grader Marilin. “The choice to send my kids to Sacred Heart School was simple,” explained Mr. Rodriguez. He felt that Sacred Heart offered a strong academic program that was rare in other neighborhood schools.

Mr. Rodriguez is always willing to lend a hand when needed at Sacred Heart. When the boys basketball team needed a coach, Mr. Rodriguez stepped up  despite the fact that his own children were too young to play.  When the team needed to raise extra funds to offset the costs of uniforms and tournaments, Mr. Rodriguez organized a bake sale. He stood with the Sacred Heart basketball team during lunch periods to sell snacks.

Mr. Rodriguez and his wife never pass up an opportunity to attend Sacred Heart’s family events like our Halloween Party and Breakfast with Santa. Even at these events, Mr. Rodriguez is more than a bystander. At last year’s Halloween Party he arrived early, in full zombie costume,  to help cook part of the lunch that was offered to guests.

Though the Rodriguez family moved out of the neighborhood years ago, they decided to keep their kids at Sacred Heart. While many other schools are closer to their home, the kids continue to come to Sacred Heart because of the teachers, administration and staff. “I really appreciate the open communication I have with them,” Mr. Rodriguez elaborated. “I strongly believe that they really want our kids to be successful.”

Sacred Heart gives a great thanks to Mr. Rodriguez and all of our parents for their dedication to the school through the years!